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Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires Etrangers

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The Government of the Principality of Monaco (the International Cooperation Office), the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (Interministerial Delegation for the Mediterranean and Delegation for Relations with Civil Society and Partnerships) in partnership with IECD, are launching Tuesday, March 1st 2022, a call for proposals to support youth in the Mediterranean.

This third edition is rooted in the dynamics of the Summit of the two shores (Sommet des deux rives) and the signing in Marseille on June 23rd 2019 of the “Commitments for a new ambition in the Mediterranean” (Engagements pour une nouvelle ambition en Méditerranée) by the Foreign Ministers of the 5+5 (Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Mauritania, Portugal, Tunisia).

Civil society organizations in Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Mauritania, Monaco, Portugal and Tunisia are invited to submit their proposals in favor of Mediterranean youth in the fields of education, culture, vocational training, socio-economic integration, mobility, sport and social and solidary entrepreneurship.

The 2022 edition of this call for proposals is implemented by the Institut européen de coopération et de développement (IECD).


Eligibility criteria 

These projects must be submitted by an organization from one of the eligible countries on the southern and eastern shores (Algeria, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia) in partnership with at least one organization from one of the other eligible countries on the northern, southern or eastern shore (Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Portugal, Algeria, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia).

The amount allocated to any chosen project will be between 12,000 € and €15,000.


Download the rules of the J-MED 2022 call for projects in English

Rules of procedure EN

Download the application form for the J-MED 2022 call for projects in English :

Application file EN

Complete applications must be sent in from March 1st and before April 15th 2022 (Paris time).

For any questions or additional information, please refer to the FAQ or contact us via the CONTACT tab on the website.

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