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Frequently asked questions 

We try to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible. However, please note that partners reserve the right to modify the timetable or certain provisions of the guidelines according to the political and health contexts.

Please note that only complete applications that comply with the templates submitted and the rules will be accepted. Please refer to the main page of the call for proposals where all these documents are to be sent in.

This page is frequently updated with answers to questions received.


Which age range should the young people targeted by the project be in? The young people targeted by the project should not be older than 35.

Should young people be the direct or indirect beneficiaries of the project? Both options are possible.


I am an organization from the southern shore of the Mediterranean, can I respond to the call for proposals only with a partner from the southern shore? Yes. This partner must be located in another eligible country on the southern, eastern or northern shore of the Mediterranean.

I am a French association, is it possible to submit a project with the following configuration: my association as project leader and a consortium involving several associations from the southern shore? No, the project leader must necessarily be an organisation from the southern bank. The consortium may involve several organisations from the southern shore.

What is the exact role of the northern shore partner ? The consortium will define the role of each party according to the project set-up.

Our potential partner is a certified social enterprise for solidarity (CSES/ESUS). Is this legal form of organisation eligible? Yes, this is an eligible form.

Our potential partner is a higher education public institution. Is this legal form of organisation eligible? Yes, this is an eligible form.

I am a young graduate, I have an idea for a project. I would like to know if I can apply for this call? No, an individual cannot answer on his or her own behalf but can answer through a civil society organization registered in his or her country.

Is a partnership between 4 organisations (2 partners from the south bank + 2 partners from the north bank) for a project fully implemented in a southern country eligible? Can international missions be financed within the framework of the project? In principle, yes, but we recommend limiting the partnership to 3 organizations, one of which should be from the north shore and one from the south shore. The actions of the project can be fully implemented in a country from the south. International missions are accepted if they are in line with the project’s activities and objectives.

We are an association located in an eligible country of this call for projects, how can we find a partner association? A space for publishing announcements in order to facilitate the search for partners is available on the home page of the website. We strongly encourage the active and effective participation of partners from the northern shore (technical, intellectual, financial…) in the consortia.

We want to know if the consortium can be constituted of 2 NGOs from Lebanon and one NGO from Italy? This type of consortium is possible.


Can the 10% co-financing be valued in kind or is it requested in funding from another donor? Valuations may be in kind (share of staff remuneration, provision of materials or premises, mobilization of other own funds, operating costs) and may be those of only one of the civil society organization or of all CSOs in the consortium.

What is the ambition of the project results expected, with a maximum budget of 15,000 euros? The consortium will propose activities consistent with the funding requested. It is up to the consortium to define the ambition of the project results.

What is the maximum amount to incur fixed costs on the budget? There is no maximum amount. It is recommended that priority be given to expenditure that directly benefits the target group of the project.

What are the floor and ceiling amounts that limit the budget of a proposal? The budget must not exceed 15,000 euros.

Can the total budget of the project exceed 15000 €, including the contribution of the donor? The total budget can indeed exceed 15000 €, but the contribution of J-MED will not exceed 15000 €.

We are the French partner of the North Shore and help the Moroccan project leader of the South Shore to fill in the call for projects. Should the French costs and contributions be included in the overall budget or should only those of the South Shore be included? Yes, all contributions must be included in the overall budget.

Can the North Shore partner co-finance the project? Yes.


Does this call for proposals concern only advocacy activities? No, this call for proposals concerns all types of activities, provided that they comply with the selection criteria set out in the guidelines. Advocacy activities are eligible.

Will the projects be implemented on both shores of the Mediterranean? No, not necessarily.

We would like to know whether citizenship and human rights education actions in the framework of formal education programmes are eligible under this call. If so, are there any conditions to be met? The call invites proposals in favor of Mediterranean youth in the fields of education, sport, culture, vocational training, socio-economic integration, sport, mobility and social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship. So yes, the issues of citizenship education, human rights and social cohesion are completely within the field of education. All eligibility criteria are specified in the guidelines and are the same for all themes.

Is there an Arabic version of the application form and guidelines? Is it possible to apply in Arabic? No, the application form and guidelines are available in English and French only. The application must be made in one of these two languages, which are the working languages of the partners.

Is it possible to set the duration of the project at 6 months? Yes, this is possible. The specified completion time in the guidelines is 12 months maximum.

Can we apply with a receipt?  In this case, the CSO transmits the receipt instead of the association registration articles.


Is an environmental protection association based in Morocco eligible for the call for projects? The entire Moroccan territory is eligible for the call for projects.

Our project is oriented towards education, awareness raising and training of young people towards the preservation of their lagoon environment. Is this type of project eligible? Yes. The projects must concern the fields of education, culture, sport, vocational training, socio-economic integration, mobility, sport and social and solidarity entrepreneurship.

Our association has the status of cooperative. Do we have the right to apply for the call for projects, or is our file out of the criteria? Yes, your association with a cooperative status is eligible for this call.

Is it possible to apply for funding for a project that has already started? Yes, but please note that retroactivity of funding on expenses prior to a JMED funding agreement is not possible.

The board and the team of our association are composed of people of different ages (from 35 years old and up). Are we eligible? Yes.