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Frequently asked questions 

We try to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible. However, please note that partners reserve the right to modify the timetable or certain provisions of the guidelines according to the political and health contexts.

Please note that only complete applications that comply with the templates submitted and the rules will be accepted. Please refer to the main page of the call for proposals where all these documents are to be sent in.


Which age range should the young people targeted by the project be in? We have seen projects in Tunisia where “young people” encompassed 40 years olds for example. The age range is 3-35 years.

Can the project concern school-going orphans (between 6 and 13 years old)? The project may concern orphans attending school from the age of 3.

Should young people be the direct or indirect beneficiaries of the project? Both options are possible.


I am an organization from the southern shore of the Mediterranean, can I respond to the call for proposals only with a partner from the southern shore? In principle, projects must be submitted by a consortium made up of partners from the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean and at least one partner from the northern shore.

Is it possible to respond to this call for proposals in partnership with ILLIS? No, ILLIS is an operational partner of this call for proposals and therefore cannot be part of a consortium.

I am a French association, is it possible to submit a project with the following configuration: my association as project leader and a consortium involving several associations from the southern shore? No, the project leader must necessarily be an organisation from the southern bank. The consortium may involve several organisations from the southern shore.

What is the exact role of the northern shore partner ? The consortium will define the role of each party according to the project set-up.

Our potential partner is a certified social enterprise for solidarity (CSES/ESUS). Is this legal form of organisation eligible? Yes, this is an eligible form.

Our potential partner is a higher education public institution. Is this legal form of organisation eligible? Yes, this is an eligible form.

I am a young graduate, I have an idea for a project. I would like to know if I can apply for this call? No, an individual cannot answer on his or her own behalf but can answer through a civil society organization registered in his or her country.

Is a partnership between 4 organisations (2 partners from the south bank + 2 partners from the north bank) for a project fully implemented in a southern country eligible? Can international missions be financed within the framework of the project? In principle, yes, but we recommend limiting the partnership to 3 organizations, one of which should be from the north shore and one from the south shore. The actions of the project can be fully implemented in a country from the south. International missions are accepted if they are in line with the project’s activities and objectives.

We are a “youth for active citizenship” association in Tunisia and we are looking for a partner association in the field of sports and mountain biking to submit a project in the framework of the call for projects “Supporting Youth in the Mediterranean – 2021”. A space for publishing announcements in order to facilitate the search for partners will soon be available on the home page of the website. We strongly encourage the active and effective participation of partners from the northern shore (technical, intellectual, financial…) in the consortia.

We want to know if the consortium can be constituted of 2 NGOs from Lebanon and one NGO from Italy? This type of consortium is possible.

Is the letter of commitment of the technical and/or financial partner only for the civil society organization (partner) from one of the eligible countries of the North Shore or is it also required for another organization that has to participate in the project technically or financially?
Do the documents to be attached (status, minutes, CV…) concern the two partner associations or only the association of the southern shore carrying the project? The letter of commitment is compulsory for the CSO of the North bank, partner of the consortium. All other letters of commitment are encouraged for other technical or financial partners of the project. All consortium members must provide the documents to be attached.

Our association based in Barcelona would like to participate as a Northern partner in the call for projects with a Moroccan organization. The latter has stopped its economic activity in April 2019 (artists’ residence), so the budget has been frozen since then. Can we simply apply with an updated statement of accounts? Yes, you can apply with the most recent statement of accounts.


Can the 10% co-financing be valued in kind or is it requested in funding from another donor? Valuations may be in kind (share of staff remuneration, provision of materials or premises, mobilization of other own funds, operating costs) and may be those of only one of the civil society organization or of all CSOs in the consortium.

What is the ambition of the project results expected, with a maximum budget of 15,000 euros? The consortium will propose activities consistent with the funding requested. It is up to the consortium to define the ambition of the project results.

What is the maximum amount to incur fixed costs on the budget? There is no maximum amount. It is recommended that priority be given to expenditure that directly benefits the target group of the project.

What are the floor and ceiling amounts that limit the budget of a proposal? The budget must not exceed 15,000 euros.

We will apply for funding up to €15,000. Is there a desirable magnitude for the total project budget? No, there is no desirable magnitude for the total project budget.

Taking into account its administrative and statutory specificities, if the CSO carrying the project does not have an aggregated global budget of all its activities but the certified budget of the previous three-year project covering, among other things, all the activities that would be proposed for the call for projects, would this document be valid as a document to be provided as part of the application file? Yes, if all the other documents requested are attached to the application file.


When will the results of the selected projects be announced? The results of the selected projects will be published by September 2021 at the latest.

Does this call for proposals concern only advocacy activities? No, this call for proposals concerns all types of activities, provided that they comply with the selection criteria set out in the guidelines. Advocacy activities are eligible.

Will the projects be implemented on both shores of the Mediterranean? No, not necessarily.

We would like to know whether citizenship and human rights education actions in the framework of formal education programmes are eligible under this call. If so, are there any conditions to be met? The call invites proposals in favor of Mediterranean youth in the fields of education, culture, vocational training, socio-economic integration, mobility and social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship. So yes, the issues of citizenship education, human rights and social cohesion are completely within the field of education. All eligibility criteria are specified in the guidelines and are the same for all themes.

Is there an Arabic version of the application form and guidelines? Is it possible to apply in Arabic? No, the application form and guidelines are available in English and French only. The application must be made in one of these two languages, which are the working languages of the partners.

Is it possible to set the duration of the project at 6 months? Yes, this is possible. The recommended completion time in the guidelines is 12 months maximum.

The selection results will be published this summer. Will project funds be disbursed immediately this summer? Will the payment be made in a single installment? The selection results will be published this summer. The payment of the funds will be discussed at the time of contracting and should be made in 2 installments, one of which at the beginning of the project. 

The validation of our association has been completed but we have not been able to hold our GAM because of the confinement since March 16th. Can we apply for this call for proposals? This aspect is important. It should not prevent you from applying, and to maximize your chances of being selected, do include all the registration documents of your association as well as a report of your latest activities, even if it has not been validated by your general assembly.

Can we apply with a receipt?  In this case, the CSO transmits the receipt instead of the association registration articles.


I am in contact with an environmental protection association based in a region located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Is this association eligible for the call for projects? This association has a small treasury. If the project is selected by the jury, is there a deposit paid at the start of the project to enable it to incur costs? The project would be oriented towards education, awareness-raising and training of young people (children and young adults fishermen) towards the preservation of their lagoon environment: environmental education campaign towards young schoolchildren and those far from school, training of young people for the collection of wild waste, consultation of local governance to find sustainable waste management solutions. Is this type of project eligible? The entire Moroccan territory is eligible for the call for projects. The financing is delivered in two shares: a first share of 80% of the amount upon signature of the financing agreement and a balance of 20% of the amount upon submission of the final report. Projects must be in the fields of education, culture, vocational training, socio-economic integration, mobility, and social and solidarity entrepreneurship.

Our association has the status of cooperative. Do we have the right to apply for the call for projects, or is our file out of the criteria? Yes, your association with a cooperative status is eligible for this call.

Is it possible for 3 of our partners (in Mauritania, Tunisia and Morocco) to submit separate proposals with our organization as a “northern country” partner? Yes, this is possible.
Is it possible to apply for funding for a project that has already started? Yes, but please note that retroactivity of funding on expenses prior to a JMED funding agreement is not possible.
Finally, is it possible to submit two funding applications for the same project (make two proposals that relate to different aspects of the same project). A single CSO can only submit one lead project but can partner with several consortia.


We would like clarification on the following points: estimates of expenses especially in case the expenses are related to compensation of the staff involved in the implementation of the project (training, accompaniment…); royalty-free photos illustrating the project; a certificate of receipt of international funding; consortium. The estimates of expenses only refer to purchases related to the project, starting from 1000€.
The bidder provides royalty-free photos, for which he will have collected the necessary authorizations (and specifies, if necessary, the photo credit), in order to share a maximum of information on the project being the subject of the request for financing (photos of land, premises, activities, populations, beneficiaries, …).
A model of capacity to receive international funds will soon be downloadable via the application form. This attestation will have to be signed by the President of the organization.

We are finalizing our form and have a question about the elements to be included in the file. It is requested: the application form duly completed (WORD format), the financing plan of the project (already secured, predictable …). Are these two different documents or the same form? It is the same form.

Is the attestation to receive international funding mandatory? Is it possible to provide a self-attestation? The attestation in question is a self-declaration made by the Southern CSO that will be the recipient of the funds, to certify that it is able to receive international funds. A template can be downloaded from the website, via the application form.

Regarding the following elements, do they also have to be provided by the CSO partner of the project or only by the CSO carrying out the project? For associations: the statutes, the registration of the statutes with the competent authorities, the list of members, the minutes of the last general assembly OR the last moral and financial report, the composition of the association’s board, the detailed operating budget of the association for the current and previous year, the CV or a short biography of the main contacts of the project, an attestation from the organization certifying that it can receive international funding, a bank statement (RIB) of the organization. All the elements listed must be provided by the associations of the consortium, with the exception of the RIB and the attestation of receipt of international funds, reserved for the CSO project leader and recipient of the funds. As a reminder, the necessary supporting documents are :

For the project CSO (Southern CSO) : 

For associations :
     The statutes
     Registration of the statutes with the competent authorities
     The list of members
     The minutes of the last general meeting OR the last moral and financial report
      Composition of the board of the association
      Detailed operating budget of the association for the current and previous year
      CVs or short biographies of the project’s main interlocutors
A self-declaration from your organization certifying that you are eligible to receive international funding (see downloadable model on the Jmed website).
      Your organization’s bank statement (RIB)
For other organizations (public or private entities) :
     Registration in the Commercial Register (for private sector entities)

For the CSO Partner (Northern CSO) : 

For associations :
Registration of the statutes with the competent authorities
The minutes of the last general meeting OR the last moral and financial report
CVs or short biographies of the project’s main interlocutors
For other organizations (public or private entities) :
Registration in the Commercial Register (for private sector entities)